Kerala in 2050 is divided into two major parts where 60% of the state is on the land and 40% of the state has developed as an island after submerging. There have been some important developments and landmark changes that have affected the life and systems of the state in a significant manner.

Air drones are used for surveillance as a policing system that contains shock guns for the protection of people. These drones are also used for waste management in the state. They have vacuum tubes that are suspended from the sky and sucks in the waste and stores it in the pod attached to it. These drones collect the waste of an entire colony together and then dispose of it altogether. Air drones are also largely used for various kinds of deliveries throughout the state. Such technological advancements have made life simpler for the people of Kerala.

WiFi bins are placed in all public places. The bin generates a 4-digit code to connect with free Wi-Fi for 30 minutes at every disposal done inside it. 

The introduction of Vertical farming increased export rates in Kerala. Enhanced seeds In the agricultural field, we now have enhanced seeds. The technique used for cultivation is modern step farming. 

Food and Fashion in the state have experienced changes because of the merging of the Dutch and Kerala cultures. The food habits, ingredients, cooking practices of the other culture have been adapted resulting in many restaurants serving mixed cultural food in 2050. 

Smart clothing such as mood shirts is introduced. This helps in basic healthcare, screen-free GPS through small directional taps known as haptic feedback, sensors

Houseboat hotels, floating spas, floating bridges are constructed leading to increased tourism. Water sports levitation, crafts, entertainment, music marts are created. Stay in capsules/pods are created for the development of the Ayurveda sector. Herbs + artificial sunlight; Ayurvedic recreation + treatment; rock salt pits/ beds are the main trends.

Hybrid schools are in practice in the state which essentially follows the same curriculum with an adaptation of one Dutch rule. Any student who fails 3 times loses the financial support from the school or colleges.

Employment opportunities have increased with the increase in migration and technology in the state. Job possibilities range from agriculture, engineering, science, tourism, fashion, architecture, design etc. These developments have lead to a stronger economic situation in the state.

Amphibious vehicles such as two, three and four-wheeler concept cars run throughout the state. Three-wheelers are specifically used for public transportation. Two and four-wheelers are privately owned. 

Jetpack scooters and ferry system is developed. Water taxis are introduced in the form of a modern ferry system. Water rules and regulations are created for the reduction of water traffic. 

Overall technological advancements and digitalization of systems have resulted in increased crime rate however the entire state operates on 100% renewable energy.

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