Having gone through drastic changes, Arunachal Pradesh has become a civilised state in the past 30 years. The state has experienced many cultural, technological, social and economic reforms as a result of the inter-religious war, Korean influence on the state and other developments.

The lifestyle in the state has changed entirely. The tribes who used to have many differences before, now live together without any differences or conflicts. They work together in industries and farms. The Arunachal people more or less want the Korean NGO to go back as they think they are capable enough to work without their guidance. Some part of the population feels mistreated and exploited by the Koreans which has resulted in the formation of a Union by the youngsters, protesting and revolting against the government and insists on the return of the NGOs back to Korea.  

The earlier existing big bamboo houses have now become modern houses built with handmade bricks and have been incorporated with ‘Base Isolation Technique’ to stay safe during earthquakes. Elevated houses are built in flood-prone areas. High security and strict rehabs restore the health of the people who were addicted to drugs. This leads to a very healthy lifestyle among the people as they focus more on their priorities like their jobs or further education.

The traditional staple diet is replaced by Asian food and food pills. Luxurious restaurants are built lavishly. Korean interiors dominate the hospitality industry which is one of the reasons for the protest against the Koreans.

New business ventures like opium dyed fabrics, agricultural advancements like soil regeneration technologies, new crop breeding technologies, cosmetic industries, retail markets, speciality stores, healthcare industries, mining industries, opium industries have become very popular. Poultry farming is replaced by poultry vending machine.

The culture has become more open to involving nature in day to day life. Spa and Meditation Centres, Ayurvedic Hospitals, Multi-speciality Hospitals function concurrently. With the advancement in the industries, lot of pollution has increased through their drainage, chimneys, etc which is highly concentrated and toxic. Arunachal Pradesh suffers from the advancement of technology.  

International Technological Schools (ITS) has come into the picture. These schools use modern technology like VR to teach the students. A small ear-piece device with a microphone and a pre-installed translator help people who speak different languages to communicate with others. Paper is no longer used in the form of textbooks and notebooks. Hand skills like writing, drawing, colouring etc. are now taught with the help of VR. 

Bamboo Village, an initiative by AP Handicrafts Ltd. and Karigari, (a popular firm dealing in handicrafts) is now a huge success in the field of tourism. It has expanded over the years promoting the tribal culture with the use of the latest technology. It is now a major source of income for the state. 

Healthcare facilities have improved a lot with the help of Korean technology. Medical stations have been introduced where a person goes in, gets oneself scanned to detect the minor problems and gets suggestions for suitable medical treatment. Many ayurvedic and multispeciality hospitals have come up for the treatment of various diseases. 

The entertainment sector has seen a lot of technological development. VR glasses are being used to play games like football where games can be seen through hologram imaging. Theatres have an advanced technology where the surrounding effects can be seen and felt for real. Eg. If the stage is on fire, it will be seen and felt by everyone. The seats will have a temperature control system for the audience. 

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