#8 Agriculture Vocational Center

Task done Feedback Recived In right direction, continue working. Self Reflection I need to focus on the bigger picture too, sometimes while working on the details I lose track of the actual purpose. Making it difficult to complete the task in the given time. What’s next? Completing the A0 sheets and working on the last […]


This week i made a detailed plan for Esthetica. It included an Admin (staff room, directors office, laundry and store room), Waiting Area, Treatment Rooms, Open Jacuzzi Areas with ocean view, Juice Bar, Forest Bathing area, two premium room and many other activity areas for the clients to indulge in. TASKS DONE THIS WEEK This […]


STATE 2050 TASK DONE After completing furniture design module, overall tasks done are in progress of compilation. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Continue working, in the right direction. SELF REFLECTION I have worked with mix media throughout which is making the process of compiling difficult because there is no particular language of presentation. WHAT’S NEXT Completing the A0 […]


WEST BENGAL 2050 TASK DONE After furniture design development, my next step was to work on the plan of a human museum and storyboard with proper visual details. Started with initial Kaito journey frame from the mainland to that of community space in detail with frames inside out. Each and every frame is drawn keeping […]

#8 Community and Education space.

TASKS DONE- Started filling in the A0 sheet. Basic key plan hand drawing is done, on the other hand, the sections need to start. FEEDBACK RECEIVED- Yet to be received. SELF-REFLECTION- In this activity, I revised everything from the beginning because of which I found out some loop holes and strong points too. Visualizations need […]

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