#2 Seasons Of West Bengal

Tasks Done >Understanding the seasons of India and West Bengal. >Researching and watching YouTube videos about climate change in past years. >Bifurcating the zones by doing bubble diagrams. >Developing the central idea of the project. >Looking at how seasons are interrelated with festivals. Feedback received >Mind mapping about season and understanding in detail. >How hi-tech […]


WEST BENGAL 2050 BLOG 4 TASKS DONE Develop the person according to the space. Add details about the persona. Sketching out the main character. Wrote down the basic details about the supporting character. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Persona looks good so far. Relate the persona to the space. SELF-REFLECTION Develop the second persona too with visual. Add […]


WEST BENGAL 2050 TASK DONE FEEDBACK RECEIVED To visualize spaces referring to the circulation of persona. Considering an existing plan and modifying it. SELF REFLECTION Working with a large space can actually be simplified by showing what important is to be reflected which becomes the highlight of the space. It can be in terms of […]


WEST BENGAL 2050 BLOG 5 TASKS DONE Generated a concept. Understand how the concept will play a role according to space. Developed a new plan because of the concept. The new system created for the people coming in. Visualization of the space. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Elaborate the plans further. Play will different levels. Create several connections. […]


WEST BENGAL 2050 BLOG 3 TASKS DONE Started with mind mapping the initial ideas that came into my mind about the space I decided to create. Then, I started developing some initial ideas in terms of zoning and space planning. I made a few layouts exploring levels and movement systems. Understood the spaces and its […]

Destination Spa

PROJECT DESCRIPTION I am designing a destination Spa for upper class people, which is located in one of the recreational islands in West Bengal. The intention of the project is to provide people with a place where they can go and escape from the stress and strains of daily living. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Spaces like communal […]

Residential Space

PROJECT DESCRIPTION I am designing a residential space for the middle-class people which is located in the landslide region of West Bengal. The intention of the project is to achieve/deliver low cost, movable and modular houses for the middle-class people of the society. PROJECT REQUIREMENT As the houses will be located in the landslide region […]


WEST BENGAL, 2050 I am designing a Special Residential School for children suffering from neurological disorder which is located in the main city area. Intention of the project is to design a space that will be built according to children’s special needs and requirements. The space will cater the children who are suffering from long […]

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