WEST BENGAL 2050 BLOG 7 TASK 1 – FORM EXPLORATION TASK 2 – DEVELOP FIVE FORMS FURTHER TASK 3 – CHOOSE ONE AND DETAIL OUT. TASKS DONE Thought on an initial idea. Developed and sketched out twenty-five forms from an initial idea and concept. Chose three that looked interesting and developed them further Chose one […]


WEST BENGAL 2050 TASKS DONE The module was taken as a time problem, brainstorming and form exploration was done initially followed by detailing out with the understanding of scale and proportion, materials, textures, colours and then finally deciding the measurements according to the ergonomics. FEEDBACK RECEIVED To work on detailing part by making sections. SELF-REFLECTION […]


WEST BENGAL 2050 TASK DONE I choose to work on an existing idea which is part of the bigger system of the project. Way finding is a huge architectural aspect which can be combination of technology and design. Initial step was form derivation which can have some functionality making it more user friendly. The second […]

#7 Durga Puja 2050

State 2050 Task Done Designing an element and exploring forms. Making a stage design which will create a 4D experience and playing with its levels and lights to create that experience for live performances. Feedback received Feedback received for task one was to explore more forms which were done and updated. Feedback for the second […]

#4 Durga Puja 2050

State 2050 Task’s Done Creating a persona with whose looks at the space can be depicted in a better manner. Understanding his journey throughout the space and developing a concept map accordingly. Feedback Receive The persona made before was not complimenting the project. So to think of a new persona or proceeding considering yourself the […]

#3 Durga Puja 2050

Tasks Done >Mind mapping the scenario of 2020 and how it could be in 2050. >Figuring out the structure of workshops, activities and its details. >Making a story-line and thinking of personas. Feedback Received >Start visualization and sketching out. >Detail out the areas. Self Reflection Need to detail out the space and start sketching. What”s […]

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