WEST BENGAL 2050 BLOG 8 TASKS DONE Make a technical drawing for the plan. Started sketching the 3-D visuals. Creating a bubble diagram and finalizing the zoning. Persona journey planed out. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Start creating more elaborate technical drawings. Add furniture to the plan. Choose what is the best medium to represent the spaces. SELF-REFLECTION […]

#8 Durga Puja 2050

Task’s Done Bringing together the work done and rearranging it in a way to fit the format. Trying to fill in the space with most appropriate images and in short and crisp words for others to get a glimpse and understand my project. Documenting the work. Feedback received Yet to be discussed with faculty. Self […]


STATE 2050 TASK DONE After completing furniture design module, overall tasks done are in progress of compilation. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Continue working, in the right direction. SELF REFLECTION I have worked with mix media throughout which is making the process of compiling difficult because there is no particular language of presentation. WHAT’S NEXT Completing the A0 […]

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