TASKS DONE THIS WEEK This week’s task was to make 3 Dimensional visualisations of spaces and I have done that through sketches and watercolours. I have shown two treatments rooms, one activity area and one juice bar as a visualisation of the space FEEDBACK RECEIVED I was suggested to make my sketches neater and follow […]


Tasks Done Starting filling the A0 sheet and together working on the 5 hero ideas. Feedback Received To fill in the sheet as soon as possible and to complete the remaining work. Self-Reflection To give proper to the point information and to pick up speed in the work. What’s Next? Working on the hero factors […]


I am designing a Spa and Wellness Centre, located in Kerala in the year 2050. The intention of the project is to combine the existing Ayurveda in Kerala with the new age technology for mind relaxation, body rejuvenation and to attain better mental focus for better functioning in everyday lives. The list of services includes […]


Tasks Done The initial idea of the storyboard is done and the schedule a person follows at the wellness centre is made. Feedback Received To visualize the space properly and got changes to make in the layout and the key plan. Self-Reflection To outline the ideas and work more in the storyboard building. What’s Next? […]


Tasks Done Persona Development was done by taking the Pilai couple and Susan Sam as the characters. The story of these characters was defined by their hobbies, job title, education, family status, ethnicity, their goals, the difficulties they face, their likes and dislikes, etc. The Persona Background is done by keeping the background story in […]


Tasks Done Thought about the key plan and made two options for it. Worked on the visuals of different parts of the wellness centre. I came to the conclusion of how much space an activity requires in the centre. Feedback Received I got the feedback to pick out one space from the centre and detail […]


Pondicherry 2050 TASK DONE Last week, I was gathering information and reasoned why I want to work on creating tech-free experiences. It included the following TedTalks: “What I learned from 10 years of Digital Detox”- Josh Misner “Why our screens make us less happy”- Adam Alter “The art of stillness” Pico Iyer “Life in the […]


The previous week, I completed the following tasks to go forward with my Speculative Design Project Project requirements for Spa & Wellness Design. The materials used, the flooring requirements etc. The Design Concept of my Spa and Wellness Centre and a brief idea of its interiors. The bubble diagram of what the plan of my […]

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