#6 A Day In Bamboo Village

Arunachal Pradesh 2050 TASKS DONE: An autocad plan for the restaurant has been made. It has been constructed with bamboo while in the kitchen and washroom brick walls have been used for plumbing purposes. The waiting area has been made in such a way that it increases one’s interaction with nature. Huge windows and presence […]


TASKS DONE I created the User Interface. I am attaching the snapshots of the whole interface. The link to the prototype video- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wcT8FR758WlAvfViVC8GSk3EXEu-qimv FEEDBACK RECEIVED The work done was satisfactory. SELF REFLECTION I enjoyed this process a lot. I think the outcome is also quite nice. I am happy with the work. WHAT’S NEXT Work […]


TASKS DONE This was a 3 day time problem where I created a User Interface for the restaurant. The first task was to break down the entire content into smaller details and create a flow of information with inter-connections. The next task was to make different style options for the User Interface FEEDBACK RECEIVED The […]

#4 Nutrition Restaurant

TASKS DONE I developed a few personas to show the kind to clientele this restaurant will have. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Need to put more focus on the visual appearance of the character. And add the character to the visuals previously made. SELF REFLECTION I am kinda happy with what I have done in this part. Just […]

#5 A Day In Bamboo Village

Arunachal Pradesh 2050 TASKS DONE: I studied about bamboo construction (walls, columns and beams) in interiors and used it while constructing my restaurant. A rough layout has been made showing the basic arrangement and spaces within the restaurant. It includes a waiting area, indoor seating with buffet and outdoor seating with live cooking counters. FEEDBACK […]

A Day in Bamboo Village

Arunachal Pradesh 2050 PROJECT DESCRIPTION I am designing a restaurant along with some other recreational spaces for tourists which is located in the Bamboo Village. Intention of the project is to address issues in terms of factors like social, environmental, cultural and technological. The main aim is to understand how these factors work together in […]

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