#4 Necavu~Textile Boutique

CIRCULATION PATTERN TASK DONE Built a persona for the story and did circulation in the space. FEEDBACK RECEIVED The characteristics of the persona were approved. Work on the visualization of the space. SELF REFLECTION I’m pretty satisfied with this exercise, but feel the need to buckle up and speed up for the rest. WHAT’S NEXT? […]


ARUNACHAL PRADESH 2050 PERSONA DEVELOPMENT TASKS DONE: The persona was developed taking Aakarsh Khandu (who is a client at the spa) – hotel manager by profession and Aashini Dutt -the owner of the spa. FEEDBACK RECEIVED: To develop the persona journey through space. SELF REFLECTION: To work on visuals and develop a storyboard and show […]

#4 Traditional Restaurant

PERSONA SELF – REFLECTION • By doing character sketch, gives the clear idea about how the person thinks about their respective world and about the goals have to achieve. WHAT’S NEXT • Materials which one has to use in respective space. • Respective forms and joineries of the elements or the space with their appropriate […]


TASKS DONE Made a Persona Development of self.  Character of my story was defined according to age, goals, education, family status, ethnicity, likes, dislikes, and difficulties. FEEDBACK RECEIVED -Persona looks fine -According to my project marking journey through space is optional. SELF-REFLECTION Persona helped me to know about the space more, also building a character […]


TASKS DONE Persona characteristics development , Also few scenes with elements for better view and interaction of persona with the space . FEEDBACK RECEIVED Visualise remaining spaces with better choice of elements. wider views of the chosen spaces. SELF REFLECTION Sketch more with wider angles for better understanding of the spaces could have chosen better […]

#4 Ayurveda Centre Kerala-2050

TASKS DONE I have created a space-wise reference board, client profile and story of the persona. Space-wise reference board PERSONA FEEDBACK RECEIVED Do the furniture layout plan with proper scale and dimensions. Show the circulation of the persona in space. SELF-REFLECTION My working method, reference board help me takeout my design ideas, which in my […]

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