Theatre design

TASKS DONE Persona development was done by taking Jose Jacob as a 56 year old male form Kerala as the owner of the theatre, who is into agricultural family business and wants to expand hsi business empire by trying in a new industry due to the interest in movies and classical music. Arun and Amita […]

Theatre design

Furniture design TASKS DONE 25 various basic forms were sketched for the design 5 forms were selected and color, material and basic renders were done while also checking the human proportions Final design was selected and a thorough material research was done Orthography for the final design was done. Final render with proportions was completed.


TASK DONE THIS WEEK This week we were asked to list our the 5 hero elements that are present in our design. My Spa design had an ABR Treatment pod that I designed. It produces Alpha and Beta rays and gets infused into the body in order to diminish the radioactive waves that are present […]


TASKS DONE THIS WEEK This week, I researched in details about the elements i will be using in the interiors of this spa. I understood the importance of “Bringing The Outdoors In” and used elements like water installations, stone walkways, small indoor swings etc. FEEDBACK RECEIVED My faculties suggested me to sketch out these elements […]


TASKS DONE THIS WEEK In the furniture design exercise, I designed a pod for the ABR Treatment that removes electromagnetic waves from your body that is caused due to excessive use of electronic gadgets. Thee pod runs on rechargeable solar power cells and is purple in colous as it signifies healing FEEDBACK RECEIVED I was […]


TASKS DONE THIS WEEK This week’s task was to make 3 Dimensional visualisations of spaces and I have done that through sketches and watercolours. I have shown two treatments rooms, one activity area and one juice bar as a visualisation of the space FEEDBACK RECEIVED I was suggested to make my sketches neater and follow […]


Study Of Furniture Task 1- Form Exploration. Task 2- Develop Five options in terms of the actual design. Task 3- Choose one and develop the design. Tasks Done The Study of furniture was a time module of 3 days. The initial task one was form exploration. Different forms were developed on the first task. Task […]

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