#7 Hospital Design

STUDY OF FURNITURE Tasks Done It was 3 days Time Problem, for Furniture Design Module – 604. DAY – 1 Task was to study material selected in a detail. study its type, joinery, texture, finishes, and mechanisms. DAY – 2 Task to create different design options of furniture selected. DAY – 3 Task was to […]

#5 Hospital Design

Task Done Created a rough storyline of the persona and other related characters. with its background details. list out spaces visited by persona and secondary character in a hospital according to ti the storyline. Marked circulation of all characters of the story. Feedback Received Work on materials and visuals of the spaces. Work on a […]

#4 Hospital Design

Task Done Worked on persona building and character developing Reworked on the key plan and divided a single circle into two different circles for better circulation and space planning Feedback Received work more on character and their circulations Self-reflection Work on circulation and create a story What’s Next? Create a story showing different spaces List […]

#3 Hospital Design

Task Done Worked on different options for a bubble diagram. After finalizing Bubble started working on key plan layouts. Worked on Key plans to make more convenient for users. Feedback Received Rework on the key plan and make it more user friendly on the bases of circulation. Now work on Persona Building Self-reflection work quickly […]

#2 Hospital Design

Kerala 2050 TASKS DONE Study on the hospital was done this week, which includes a basic study on Departmental divisions of the hospital, bubble diagram was made according to major departments, Case studies were done to research materials used in building the hospital. And research on visuals of futuristic hospitals was done. CASE STUDY 1 […]

#1 Community and Education space.

WEST BENGAL 2050 PROJECT DESCRIPTION- I am designing a community and educational space for people living in the landfill area for the betterment of their future. These spaces are meant to be interactive education spaces for poor children. The laborers and wage workers living in the disease-prone zone do not have enough facilities and money […]

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