FIVE HERO FACTORS 1. EXTREME BIO-METRIC SECURITY MEASURES Bio-metric Security like DNA and fingerprint scanning on the handle, Eye scanning lock/ unlock by just looking at the CCTV camera, Stress rate scanner ensuring that the lock is not being opened under pressure and some other measures depending upon the requirement. 2. SECRET/HIDDEN LIFT UP ELEVATOR […]


Form Exploration Design Development Materials, texture, colour, finishes and technology. Final Design Material & Joineries Dimensions 3D Views TASKS DONE Exploration of forms. Design development. Finalize the furniture model. Detailed design drawings. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Was asked to add more details i.e. Joineries before uploading. SELF-REFLECTION The brainstorming of forms opened more possibility for the development […]


Character Relationship Personas Character Profiles Journey Through Space TASK DONE Character Building Journey of character in the plan – Places to be detailed out (Head Office,Detox center) FEEDBACK RECEIVED To start working on the storyboard Make sketches of spaces SELF REFLECTION Need to work more on story board side of assignment before continuing with layouts […]

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