TASK DONE- Started filling the A0 sheet FEEDBACK RECEIVED This was done after the final round of discussion. SELF-REFLECTION This project is on the verge of completion. I am glad I could make it this far even though I wasn’t particularly inclined to this area. WHAT’s NEXT? I have to complete this A0 sheet, fill […]


TASK DONE- Continuing the previous collages of the two spaces, I have detailed out the furniture, layout and its 3D model visualisation of the Yoga dome & Art studio. FEEDBACK RECEIVED- As the submission dates are nearing, list down your targets and deliverables for of final submission and work accordingly. SELF-REFLECTION- I’m quite glad I […]


Last few weeks haven’t been the most productive, vacating the campus, moving cities, the pandemic and the lock-down. However, be it as little and slow as it is, I tried to get going. TASK DONE- Finalized the layout option. Tried and tested ways to depict the key plan. Drafted the layout on CAD which needs […]


TASK DONE Sorted the list of activities which in turn helped coming up with different areas and types of spaces in the retreat. Multiple zoning options for these spaces Created a space reference board. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Create at least five options for zoning (after the initial one) Think of the spaces you’d like to develop […]


Pondicherry 2050 TASK DONE Last week, I was gathering information and reasoned why I want to work on creating tech-free experiences. It included the following TedTalks: “What I learned from 10 years of Digital Detox”- Josh Misner “Why our screens make us less happy”- Adam Alter “The art of stillness” Pico Iyer “Life in the […]


PONDICHERRY 2050 PROJECT DESCRIPTION We are living in a world of rapid digitalization and it is only increasing. Google searches for “smartphone addiction” is always on the rise. There are studies linking social media addiction to that of cigarettes and its ability to distract and consume us. It is a great time for a Tech-diet, […]

Wellness Detox Centre

PROJECT DESCRIPTION I am designing a wellness Detox Centre with a CafĂ© in it. People with a minimum of 6 point ratings or above are allowed to enter. Centre focuses on providing Merit Health Points (MHP) on the basis of calories reduced by the people. It is located on the outskirts of Pondicherry near the […]

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