Character Relationship Personas Character Profiles Journey Through Space TASK DONE Character Building Journey of character in the plan – Places to be detailed out (Head Office,Detox center) FEEDBACK RECEIVED To start working on the storyboard Make sketches of spaces SELF REFLECTION Need to work more on story board side of assignment before continuing with layouts […]


        TASKS DONE Chose a system for detailing out, to which I chose sauna. Took existing ideas from the project as a starting point for the furniture exercise. Task1 – Worked on exploring various forms for the dome of the sauna. Task2 – Worked on selecting the five best design options and further detailing them […]

#5 Wellness detox center

Pondicherry 2050 TASKS DONE Worked on the movement of persona in the individual defined spaces. Worked on schematic views for storyboard. Further worked on improvising few spaces in my furniture layout.   FEEDBACK RECEIVED Changes in the spa area as the circulation space in that area looked quite tight. Rearranging the yoga space. Increasing the […]

#3Wellness Detox Centre

Pondicherry2050 TASKS DONE Thought about the context key plan. Worked on the overall layout of the plan. Worked on the bubble and zoning of spaces. Visualizing and detailing of the spaces.   FEEDBACK RECEIVED Changes in the furniture layout.            SELF REFLECTION I realized that while working in the spa area I was not thinking […]


         TASKS DONE          Research About the importance of yoga and its benefits Ways to detoxify your body Digital Detox, and how it is affecting the people Types of sauna’s and their development on the basis of technology Estonian Sauna’s – Protected by UNESCO Mental Health Detox food and its varieties   FEEDBACK RECEIVED To […]

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