DESIGN PROCESS The process was in a way that I initially started my project by the environments and factors then thought of the space which I wanted to design this process took my time because  I was not able to decide what and how. but then it was finalized and I started working on heuristic centers  […]


WEST BENGAL 2050 BLOG 5 TASKS DONE Generated a concept. Understand how the concept will play a role according to space. Developed a new plan because of the concept. The new system created for the people coming in. Visualization of the space. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Elaborate the plans further. Play will different levels. Create several connections. […]

#1 Agriculure Vocational Center

WEST BENGAL 2050 PROJECT DESCRIPTION I’m designing an Agriculture Vocational Center for the students who want to pursue agriculture as a profession. It will be located in the developed city of West Bengal. The intention of the project is to achieve a safe learning space which is technologically advanced but also balances out the EMF’s and […]

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