Circulation pathway all along the space have flooring panels generating kinetic energy to produce electricity.Mostly renewable energy used to run all the spaces.Solar panels installed.Reducing carbon footprint.Organic farming with improved technologies.Ambience changing as per the occasion through VR keeping people interaction same. For eg. marriages,parties helps in saving space.


TASK DONE Brainstormed twenty-five forms and selected five appropriate ideas from the exploration. Developed those five in terms of the actual design of the element, their overall form, color, and material with regard to its function and human scale. Selected one among the five to develop it further in terms of real dimensions, finishes, and […]

#3 Durga Puja 2050

Tasks Done >Mind mapping the scenario of 2020 and how it could be in 2050. >Figuring out the structure of workshops, activities and its details. >Making a story-line and thinking of personas. Feedback Received >Start visualization and sketching out. >Detail out the areas. Self Reflection Need to detail out the space and start sketching. What”s […]

#2 Seasons Of West Bengal

Tasks Done >Understanding the seasons of India and West Bengal. >Researching and watching YouTube videos about climate change in past years. >Bifurcating the zones by doing bubble diagrams. >Developing the central idea of the project. >Looking at how seasons are interrelated with festivals. Feedback received >Mind mapping about season and understanding in detail. >How hi-tech […]


TASKS DONE The centre for Community Development in Pondicherry aims to assume the role of a social agency. The project scope and the profile were developed after researching the problems faced by the community. Designing a community centre required public spaces as well as spaces for engagement which must possess the following qualities: Occupiability, Penetrability, […]

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