ARUNACHAL PRADESH 2050 TASK DONE : I worked on different layouts and above plan is the finalised one. FEEDBACK RECEIVED : To do sketches which show more clear views. Make color palette SELF-REFLECTION : I should start working on 3D views. WHAT’s NEXT ? Start working on sketchup for 3D views.

#6 A Day In Bamboo Village

Arunachal Pradesh 2050 TASKS DONE: An autocad plan for the restaurant has been made. It has been constructed with bamboo while in the kitchen and washroom brick walls have been used for plumbing purposes. The waiting area has been made in such a way that it increases one’s interaction with nature. Huge windows and presence […]

#3 Traditional Restaurant

LAYOUT OPTIONS KEY PLAN SELF – REFLECTION • More sketches could have helped to figure out more ideas. • Also, Key plan would have given the proper space arrangement with appropriate measurements. WHAT’S NEXT • Character persona showing journey of respective person. • Spaces showing through final key plan.

#4 Traditional Restaurant

PERSONA SELF – REFLECTION • By doing character sketch, gives the clear idea about how the person thinks about their respective world and about the goals have to achieve. WHAT’S NEXT • Materials which one has to use in respective space. • Respective forms and joineries of the elements or the space with their appropriate […]

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