ARUNACHAL PRADESH 2050 TASK DONE : I have done 3D visualization of two areas ; pool area and washroom. FEEDBACK RECEIVED : To make more 3D visualization of other spaces .Also work on A0. SELF-REFLECTION : I need work fast and start working on A0 sheet. WHAT’s NEXT ? Make more 3D views. Start working […]


TASK DONE- Continuing the previous collages of the two spaces, I have detailed out the furniture, layout and its 3D model visualisation of the Yoga dome & Art studio. FEEDBACK RECEIVED- As the submission dates are nearing, list down your targets and deliverables for of final submission and work accordingly. SELF-REFLECTION- I’m quite glad I […]


TASKS DONE Worked on 3D model also different room categories which I talked up to now. Also listed the facilities available in the three rooms. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Continue working also more visual options for customised room. SELF-REFLECTION Should speed up my work and also add some details. WHAT’s NEXT? Would be working on User Interface […]


TASKS DONE Finalised my plan and worked on sections, also started with the 3D views of the space. FEEDBACK RECEIVED -Complete the room with materials and details. -Different décor in room SELF-REFLECTION Building up 3D model helps to understand the space and also designing it accordingly. WHAT’s NEXT? Next will try to come up with […]

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