WEST BENGAL 2050 BLOG 8 TASKS DONE Make a technical drawing for the plan. Started sketching the 3-D visuals. Creating a bubble diagram and finalizing the zoning. Persona journey planed out. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Start creating more elaborate technical drawings. Add furniture to the plan. Choose what is the best medium to represent the spaces. SELF-REFLECTION […]


WEST BENGAL 2050 TASKS DONE Compilation of work from initial stage. Brainstorming for 5 hero ideas. Working on A0 sheet. Worked on some more visuals required. FEEDBACK RECEIVED To work on 5 hero ideas and work according to the final presentation. SELF REFLECTION Have to work on some more visuals and 5 hero ideas. WHAT’s […]


WEST BENGAL 2050 TASKS DONE Worked on ideas for memory loss symptoms. Developed sensory garden as a space. Worked on details of transitional walkways which helps in improving movement and balancing issues. Worked on spaces for activities like aromatherapy, matching games, aquarium, sound healing, intelligent systems around in sensory garden. FEEDBACK RECEIVED To now move […]

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