#6 Necavu~Textile Boutique

TASKS DONE I designed a logo for the store and tried out different options. When discussed with the faculties, was told to refine it a bit. Refined the existing logo with some textures. FEEDBACK RECEIVED The refined design is yet to be discussed with the faculties. SELF REFLECTION I enjoyed transferring the literal meaning into […]

#4 Necavu~Textile Boutique

CIRCULATION PATTERN TASK DONE Built a persona for the story and did circulation in the space. FEEDBACK RECEIVED The characteristics of the persona were approved. Work on the visualization of the space. SELF REFLECTION I’m pretty satisfied with this exercise, but feel the need to buckle up and speed up for the rest. WHAT’S NEXT? […]

#3 Necavu~Textile Boutique

Furniture Layouts TASKS DONE Looked through several architectural plans to combine them into the one that suffice all the activities. Did zoning and moved walls according to the zones. Laid down furniture. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Check door and chair measurements. SELF REFLECTION Drafting a plan through this process was tedious and monotonous, but now gives a […]

#2 Necavu~Textile Boutique

CASE STUDIES BUBBLE DIAGRAMS VISUAL BOARDS TASKS DONE I did case studies on different experiential stores and boutiques from around the world. Listed the activities that would be taking place at the space. Made Bubble diagrams for Ground Floor and First Floor keeping in mind the listed activities. Learning from the case studies and on […]

#7 Necavu~Textile Boutique

STUDY OF FURNITURE Task 1: Content of the information to be delivered through the digital medium Task 2: Graphic design, Theme & Fonts Task 3: Final screens TASK DONE App interface content Tried creating combinations of different themes & fonts Developed final screens FEEDBACK RECEIVED Acceptable and in the right direction. SELF REFLECTION Through this […]


Circulation pathway all along the space have flooring panels generating kinetic energy to produce electricity.Mostly renewable energy used to run all the spaces.Solar panels installed.Reducing carbon footprint.Organic farming with improved technologies.Ambience changing as per the occasion through VR keeping people interaction same. For eg. marriages,parties helps in saving space.

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