#7 Ayurveda Centre Kerala-2050

TASK DONE Form Exploration(Developed twenty-five forms) Chose 5 interesting Exploration and done It’s in detail. Out of these 5, I chose 1 exploration and done the material study for furniture design as well as Done final furniture design in detail FEEDBACK RECEIVED Better ideas and exploration in Task 1 Details missing in drawings Need to […]

#5 Ayurveda Centre Kerala-2050

TASK DONE I did the final furniture layout plan of Residence 1 ( A-frame residence ) and Reception area of the Ayurveda centre with proper dimensions in Autocad and shown the circulation of the persona in space. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Make some changes in Autocad plan Do visual sketches of the space SELF REFLECTION In my […]

#4 Ayurveda Centre Kerala-2050

TASKS DONE I have created a space-wise reference board, client profile and story of the persona. Space-wise reference board PERSONA FEEDBACK RECEIVED Do the furniture layout plan with proper scale and dimensions. Show the circulation of the persona in space. SELF-REFLECTION My working method, reference board help me takeout my design ideas, which in my […]

#3 Ayurveda centre Kerala – 2050

TASKS DONE Done some research about Ayurveda Resorts like what kind of facilities they were provided, how much area is required for each treatment and then came up with different layout options, bubble diagram, zoning, key plan and reference board of the overall centre. FEEDBACK RECEIVED Select two spaces of Ayurveda centre for details and […]

#2 Ayurveda Centre, Kerala – 2050

TASKS DONE Last week I did some research on Ayurveda Centres in Kerala. Based on my study I learnt how the Kerala Ayurveda is different than mainstream Ayurveda. I have seen different treatments techniques and many medicines which are only used in Kerala Ayurveda. This medicine is mostly based on Coconut oil. A case study […]

Ayurveda Centre, Kerala-2050

PROJECT DESCRIPTION I am designing an Ayurveda Centre for the year 2050 which is located on the bank of Periyar river at western ghats of Kerala. The Centre has the intention to give people a cure of physical illness as well as mental relaxation through Naturopathy. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS The Ayurveda centre derived in various departments […]

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