Speculative Environments Design Studio is an initiative by the School of Interior Design at UID, Karnavati University. 

Speculative Design is a critical design practice that uses fiction and hypothesizes on future products, spaces, services, systems and worlds, thus reflectively examining the role and impact of new technologies on everyday life. Reflecting on the current concerns the world is facing, the studio was introduced for the first time within the design curriculum for the Semester 6 students to not only widen the students’ purview of the applications of design but also consider the impact interior designers can have on the design of future societies and ecosystems. 

To understand the probable future trajectories of the current socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental trends, students began the worldbuilding process in four main groups and traced the development of their chosen region from 2020 onwards to forecast the state of their world in 2050. 

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