Last few weeks haven’t been the most productive, vacating the campus, moving cities, the pandemic and the lock-down. However, be it as little and slow as it is, I tried to get going.


  • Finalized the layout option.
  • Tried and tested ways to depict the key plan.
  • Drafted the layout on CAD which needs to be rendered and illustrated properly.


  • Discussed the plan, received suggestions about adding different levels to the space.
  • Was asked to check the door in proportion to the space and human. The entrance door needs to be modified.
  • Select certain spaces that are interesting to be detailed out instead of the entire plan.


Given the current global scenario, there were multiple times where I started to lose motivation and was unable to focus working from home. Nevertheless, the faculties somehow managed to get us going (either though light humor, being understanding or by fixing non-negotiable deadlines). This may not be my best so far but I’ll continue working in these tough resource-less times and attempt to produce some decent deliverable in the following blogs.


This plan needs to be refined and completed along with the visualizations of the selected spaces.

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