Study Of Furniture

  • Task 1- Form Exploration.
  • Task 2- Develop Five options in terms of the actual design.
  • Task 3- Choose one and develop the design.

Tasks Done

The Study of furniture was a time module of 3 days. The initial task one was form exploration. Different forms were developed on the first task. Task two was to select the five most appropriate different forms and to develop the options into the actual design of the furniture. The third task was to choose the most promising design of task 2 and detail it completely. The design was to be developed in terms of dimensions, material, colour, finishes, joinery, and technology. Working drawing and isometric drawing was to be made.

Feedback Received

  • Task 1- I was said to work on some more explorations.
  • Task 2- I was in the right direction and was said to complete my work.
  • Task 3- I was said to make technical drawings of the details, add the material detail, thickness, colour etc., and to add make sections through the pods with showing a human using the pod for better clarity of the sound pod.


As it was a time problem, it was difficult to catch up with the pace, so I need to work more and speed up the process of working.

What’s Next?

The next task is to work on the studio work and make progress in it.

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