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Last week, I was gathering information and reasoned why I want to work on creating tech-free experiences. It included the following TedTalks:
“What I learned from 10 years of Digital Detox”- Josh Misner
“Why our screens make us less happy”- Adam Alter
“The art of stillness” Pico Iyer
“Life in the digital now” Abha Dawesar
Reading journal articles by wellbeing buffs, understanding various retreat programs around the world, off-the-grid ideas and so on.


-Workable proposal

-Think about the mobility of the project and how can it work as a plug-in.

– Jot down the list of activities that’ll help create experiences and go to “what ifs” of them.

– Keep the time factor in mind and increase your pace accordingly.

I couldn’t give much time to my studio in the last few days for some reason. I believe, I have ideas but need to start freezing them and produce tangible outcomes in the given time-frame.

This week, I intend to develop a persona, map the space along with the activities and zoning. Come up with at least two conceptual sheets and start the visual representation.

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