Wellness Detox Centre


I am designing a wellness Detox Centre with a Café in it. People with a minimum of 6 point ratings or above are allowed to enter.

Centre focuses on providing Merit Health Points (MHP) on the basis of calories reduced by the people. It is located on the outskirts of Pondicherry near the Art and Craft Village.

The intention of the project is to achieve a certain level of improvement in the health care sector which includes problems such as hypertension, depression, obesity, leading towards mental health and digital detox.


People can prefer the below-listed activities on the basis of either their interest or MHP, whichever is significant for them. There will be a point given for the selection of the activity taken up.

Hot Yoga, Yoga for dudes, Disco Yoga, Steam spa, Seaweed spa, Sauna, Swimming, Running.

As a specification, there will be a certain manual mentioning the details.


My final output will be of creating a pop up complete model of the space.

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