Theatre design

TASKS DONE Persona development was done by taking Jose Jacob as a 56 year old male form Kerala as the owner of the theatre, who is into agricultural family business and wants to expand hsi business empire by trying in a new industry due to the interest in movies and classical music. Arun and Amita […]

Theatre design

Furniture design TASKS DONE 25 various basic forms were sketched for the design 5 forms were selected and color, material and basic renders were done while also checking the human proportions Final design was selected and a thorough material research was done Orthography for the final design was done. Final render with proportions was completed.

#6 Necavu~Textile Boutique

TASKS DONE I designed a logo for the store and tried out different options. When discussed with the faculties, was told to refine it a bit. Refined the existing logo with some textures. FEEDBACK RECEIVED The refined design is yet to be discussed with the faculties. SELF REFLECTION I enjoyed transferring the literal meaning into […]

#4 Necavu~Textile Boutique

CIRCULATION PATTERN TASK DONE Built a persona for the story and did circulation in the space. FEEDBACK RECEIVED The characteristics of the persona were approved. Work on the visualization of the space. SELF REFLECTION I’m pretty satisfied with this exercise, but feel the need to buckle up and speed up for the rest. WHAT’S NEXT? […]

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